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Types of Uniform

Your scout will have two uniforms:

Class 'B' - Upon joining, your scout will be provided a custom t-shirt for Pack 727. We wear this during less formal meetings, camping, and casual activities. If desired, additional shirts may be purchased for the scout and other family members.

Class 'A' - This is the official uniform of Cub Scouts BSA and is used for all pack meetings and formal activities. When the general public thinks of cub scouts, this is the uniform they are most familiar with.   ** (Note that Lion scouts, kindergarteners, have a different more casual t-shirt that is worn their first year).


Scouts will need to purchase their own Class 'A' uniform. While this can be purchased online here, we highly recommend that you take a trip to the Orange County Scout Shop - to ensure everything you buy fits (and is even a bit large to grow into) as sizes very frequently run small/large. Additionally, the scout shop will have someone to assist you in picking the appropriate books, uniforms, patches, and answering any questions you may have about them. A single trip to the scout shop should be all that is required to get you setup.

Orange County Scout Shop
1211 E Dyer Rd.
Santa Ana, CA  92705
M-F 10-6,  Sat 10-5, Sun 10-4

Class 'A' uniform consists of the button-down shirt, socks, belt, and pants (long or shorts).  These will be the same between many Cub Scout Years (Tigers, Wolves, and Bears). As such, you may want to buy something a bit larger that your scout will grow into over these 3 years. 

Each age group wears a specific hat, neckerchief and slide - which you will update annually.

If money is a concern, we may have used uniforms/pieces available OR you could forego the socks and substitute other pants you already own. Note that getting the belt is important, since the scouts earn belt loops as they advance.

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